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World’s largest floating PV test-bed

ABB provided the hardware for the world’s largest floating PV test-bed, located in Singapore.

‘Floatovoltaics’ uses floating solar PV platforms and mimics the photosynthesis of a lilypad on the water. The panels are designed
to be cooled by the water, which increases their efficiency by more than 10 per cent (compared to those on land).

ABB TRIO-50 solar inverters efficiently convert the harvested solar energy into usable grid power.

The test bed also uses ABB’s low-voltage molded case and miniature circuit breakers that protect the electrical circuits on the
The entire platform has a peak capacity of 1 MW, enough to provide electricity for
up to 1,000 households. ABB supplies 100 kW to the project.

The test bed measures 1 hectare, which is 1.5 soccer fields, making it the largest PV test-bed in the world.

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