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FAQs - Plant Portfolio Manager

These FAQs are designed to provide you with a better understanding of ABB, our inverters, and our monitoring products. The intent is to provide simple answers to some complex questions. If you have additional questions about ABB’s products that are not covered here, please call ABB North America at: +1-877-261-1374. In the United Kingdom, call 0800 0232341. In Australia, call +61 3 8577 7001.


Are ABB field technicians available to support the installation of on-site monitoring equipment?

ABB provides training, documentation, and phone support for set-up and configuration of customer monitoring sites. Please see our calendar for upcoming training sessions and webinars.

Does Plant Portfolio Manager support the use of Internet Explorer?

We support Internet Explorer 9 and up. If you use that or a later version of IE and are still having issues please call customer service and report it. However Plant Portfolio Manager doesn’t support older IE browsers.

How do I display monitoring information on our kiosk or public display?

There are generally two methods used for displaying monitoring data from Plant Portfolio Manager to a kiosk. The first method utilizes the Plant Viewer link (or URL). This link can be provided by your Portfolio Administrator. The second method utilizes an API key. This key is provided by an ABB Sales Manager. A third-party web developer can utilize the key to build a customized display. There is an annual fee for using the API key. ABB can also refer customers to preferred third-party public display partners that are already familiar with the API.

How do I prevent data spikes?

Before replacing inverters, power down the data logger first. This will prevent any erroneous data from being reported to the Plant Portfolio Manager data logger.

How is Plant Portfolio Manager different from Plant Viewer?

Plant Portfolio Manager is a monitoring solution designed for installers and customers who are looking for a more robust monitoring solution. Plant Viewer is designed for residential users and businesses professionals who would prefer a more simplified approach to their monitoring solution.

I am the end-user of a plant being monitored by Plant Portfolio Manager. Do I need to set up an account? How do I view my site?

ABB provides password protected and/or public access of monitored sites. Plant Portfolio Manager is always password protected and requires a user account, while Plant Viewer can be configured to provide both. Most end-users of plant monitoring – such as a homeowner checking on their rooftop solar installation or a school district employee reporting solar parking lot output to the school board – find all the features they need are provided by Plant Viewer. Please call your installer to activate Plant Viewer and provide you with the link, or use the convenient self-registration process to setup your own Plant Viewer account. We recommend you bookmark that link in your web browser for speedy access in the future.

I have an alarm event displayed on my Plant Portfolio Manager portal. Do I need to request support from ABB field tech support?

If the unit is displaying instantaneous/updated power curves, the issue may be related to a configuration within the Plant Portfolio Manager platform. If the unit is not displaying power, or if the alarm event indicates equipment failure, please contact your installer to perform a preliminary investigation of the issue on-site.

If my company is a new customer and we don’t have a Plant Portfolio Manager account, how do I get started?

Contact Plant Portfolio Manager Customer Service at 1-877-261-1374 to set up your company account and first user account. Be prepared to supply information on the equipment you purchased, such as data logger serial numbers. The first user will be set up as the Portfolio Administrator and that person can later add more users.

My site license has expired, how do I renew it?

Contact ABB sales or technical support directly to renew your subscription.

What is a Static IP address and when should I use one? Why use that as opposed to DHCP?

A static IP is a fixed address that is manually set for a device on the network usually given by the site network administrator. Static IP addresses are typically used for larger networks or networks that have increased security. When there are changes to the network usually the static IP address will need to be updated as well to continue connectivity. A static IP address is an IP address that was manually configured for a device, verses one that was assigned via a DHCP server. A static IP address is called static because it does not change. Only the site IT personnel will be able to tell you if the data logger should be configured for Static IP or DHCP (auto-addressing) to reach the Internet. If a Static IP is to be used, you will need to configure the data logger with the assigned IP address, the Subnet Mask, and the default gateway – all of which come from the site IT personnel.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a protocol for assigning dynamic IP addresses to devices on a network. With dynamic addressing, a device can have a different IP address every time it connects to the network. In some systems, the device's IP address can even change while it is still connected. DHCP also supports a mix of static and dynamic IP addresses. DHCP configures the device with an IP address and determines the appropriate configuration for the application.

Why can’t I access my Live Site/Insight View of my Fat Spaniel Monitoring portal?

The link to the Fat Spaniel site is no longer active. Please contact your installer to provide a link or URL to access ABB’s Plant Viewer site.

Why can’t I see weather data on my monitoring site?

If your monitoring system includes a weather station or weather sensors, such as irradiance and temperature sensors, then there may be a problem with the equipment. Contact our technical support for assistance by following the link to “Submit a Case” or call Plant Portfolio Manager Customer Service at 1-877-261-1374. For monitoring systems without weather stations, ABB collects weather data from Yahoo! Weather. If the monitoring site indicates that it cannot retrieve the weather data, the problem is typically related to the registered address of the site.

Why does the Plant Portfolio Manager portal change?

We release product enhancements and bug fixes for Plant Portfolio Manager on a monthly basis. If you experience a bug, please contact ABB technical support and report it.

Why is it that when I log into Plant Portfolio Manager I get a message saying I don't have a valid and current product licence?

To have a User ID added to a portfolio with a valid product license, contact your Portfolio Administrator and ask that they associate your User ID with the proper renewable energy plants in Plant Portfolio Manager. If the product license has expired, please follow the link to “Submit a Case” or call Plant Portfolio Manager Customer Service at 1-877-261-1374.

Why is my energy production double the expected amount?

If you have a revenue grade meter onsite, the values from the meter may be added to the values of the inverters. Contact ABB technical support to fix the issue.

Why is Performance Ratio important?

The Performance Ratio is a quick and easy way to evaluate the performance of your system. It is also used to warn you automatically if something goes down onsite.

Don't see a question here that you need answered? If you're in North America, please call ABB at: +1-877-261-1374. In the United Kingdom, call: 0800 0232341. In Australia, call +61 3 8577 7001.

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