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ABB provides inverter solutions for pioneering solar project in Israel

One of Israel’s largest and most prestigious solar projects uses ABB inverters. The 55 MW plant in western Negev is powered by 36 ABB ULTRA-1400 solar inverters, providing power to 18,000 households.

The ULTRA inverter is ideal for the harsh conditions of the Israeli desert and features:

  • Four independent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) input channels. These channels provide maximum flexibility and energy harvesting across a broad range of operating conditions. In the extreme heat of the Negev, they are used in combination with single axis solar trackers.
  • Reduced wiring requirements thanks to its dedicated AC and DC compartments.
  • Internal modularity for easy serviceability.
  • Passive liquid cooling that extends the maintenance periods, making it an excellent fit for the conditions of the Israeli desert.

The ULTRA is one of ABB’s flagship inverter products, with the range consisting of: three power configurations 700 kW, 1050 kW, and 1400 kW.

ULTRA inverters are recognized around the world for their performance, reliability, flexibility and efficiency of 98.5 per cent, which makes them ideal for large-scale and demanding solar power installations.

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