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Utility-scale solar inverter testing and verification laboratory

Located in Helsinki, Finland, the utility-scale solar inverter testing and verification laboratory ushers in next level of development for higher power solar inverters.

The facility is designed to test high power central photovoltaic inverters for safe operation, endurance in a wide range of climatic conditions, compatibility to the most demanding renewables-specific grid code requirements, and to test and measure harmonics and grid interactions. The laboratory features a unique, large climate chamber capable of full power electrical testing in conditions simulating the arctic tundra to an equatorial rainforest.

Inverter functional testing

The laboratory enables functional testing of inverters to ensure the inverter operates according to specifications, performance testing and safety testing ensuring that the inverter is safe both in normal operation and in fault conditions.

Climate testing

The conditions in the climate chamber can vary from as low as -40°C to as high as +100°C, with relative humidity levels up to 95 percent. The chamber also allows for accelerated product testing, important when the inverters are typically expected to operate for more than 20 years.

Grid code testing

The laboratory enables carrying out grid code tests, e.g. low-voltage ride through, to ensure that the inverters comply with the most demanding grid code requirements.

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