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String inverters power one of UK’s largest solar parks

One of the UK’s largest solar park projects, spanning 1 sq. km, uses ABB’s new TRIO-50.0 string inverters. The park in South Cambridgeshire generates 46 MWp, enough to supply 11,500 homes.

Vine Farm solar park has a total of 146,572 photovoltaic (PV) modules arranged into individual strings. 435 TRIO-50.0 units connect 10 strings, and 341 TRIO-27.6 and 351 TRIO-20.0 inverters connect a further 10 strings each.

High power string inverter

The TRIO-50.0 is ABB’s new generation string inverter and expands its three-phase portfolio up to 50 kW. The transformer-less inverter was chosen, along with the TRIO-27.6 and TRIO-20.0, for their nominal power capabilities and their ability to work with the same communication protocol, both of which are important benefits for decentralized installations greater than 100 kW, such as the utility-scale Vine Farm.

Energy harvesting

The TRIO-50.0 has a two-stage topology with lower minimum input voltage, meaning higher flexibility and energy production yield. Because each TRIO-50.0 inverter covers a smaller area of the solar modules, it can improve energy harvest on cloudy days or a hilly location.
The TRIO-50.0 gives a much higher DC/AC ratio of up to 130 per cent without any effect on the product’s warranty. This provides better energy yield over the years, which results in an improved return on investment.

Modular design

The TRIO-50.0 features three compartments: a central part consisting of the inverter itself and two detachable lateral compartments, one for the DC connection upstream (toward the photovoltaic plant) and the other for the AC downstream (toward the grid). This makes for simple mounting and dismounting because the total weight is divided over three separate units.

Maintenance is much simpler and more cost-effective, making it possible to substitute the inverter module alone while keeping the two connection elements wired.

The TRIO-50.0 also includes a complete string combiner and an AC wiring box with AC switch and overvoltage surge protection.

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