BORDLINE® 紧凑型变流器

BORDLINE® -Compact Converters are main propulsion converters with integrated auxiliary supply. All power electronics found on a vehicle are integrated in one product. This yields a very compact design with one interface to the vehicle.

As world market leader for industrial drives, ABB is very much concerned about standardization. The standard ABB control platform AC 800PEC is used for the Compact Converters. The power part is built with standard Power Electronic Building Blocks (PEBB), based on well-proven IGBT technology, which have been adapted to railway applications.

BORDLINE®  Compact Converters are available for:

  • AC grid voltage applications (15 kV / 16.7 Hz or 25 kV / 50 Hz) 
  • DC grid voltage applications (600/750VDC, 1.5 kVDC, 3kVDC)
  • Diesel Generator applications
  • Multi-System applications

BORDLINE®  Compact Converters provide following functions:

  • Input converter (AC to DC conversion - single or three phase)
  • Traction converter (DC to AC conversion)
  • Braking chopper
  • Auxiliary converter
  • Battery charger
  • Multi Vehicle Bus (MVB) interface


Compact Converter for light rail vehicles
Compact Converter for metros
Compact Converter for electrical multiple units
Compact Converter for diesel-electric multiple units
Compact Converter for high-speed trains
Compact Converter for locomotives
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