Wide range of applications using synchronous machines up to 70 MVA



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Land-based power plants based on diesel engines, gas or steam turbines and hydro turbines

  • Various different control modes for optimized grid support
  • Rapid and fast synchronization supporting flexible power generation with fast ramp up
  • Remote control by fieldbus, enable full integration in power control system
  • Extended monitor functions for safe operation
  • Extended reliability by dual channel system configuration
  • FRT detection for fast reaction on network faults
  • Temperature depending limiters supporting gas and steam turbines operation
  • Optional IEEE power system stabilizer, verified by 3rd part company
  • Grid codes support by verified and accurate models

Marine, oil & gas: electrical propulsion and auxiliary supply

  • Covering most marine class certificates as GL, DNV, CCS
  • Flexible limiter setting to adjust required generator short circuit current by class
  • Fast and accurate PT monitoring enables safe operation even with tight voltage limits required by electrical propulsion systems
  • Accurate reactive load sharing between parallel machines irrespective of time and temperature
  • Reactive load sharing at constant bus bar voltage using serial communication
  • Distortion proven analogue value measuring inputs working together with frequency converters

Variable speed applications: diesel electric locomotives, harbor cranes, mining trucks

  • Certified according traction standard EN50155
  • Measurement bandwidth up to 150Hz, required for variable speed
  • Dynamic V/Hz limiter optimized for wide frequency range and dynamic changes in frequency
  • PID control depending on different operation conditions as frequency and input voltage of AVR, enable stable control over wide range of speed
  • HIR controller for stable control with very high ceiling factor
  • Distortion proven analogue value measuring inputs working together with frequency converters

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