Synchronous Machine Transient Simulator - SMTS

A powerful tool for electrical technicians and engineers working in the fields of power generation, excitation systems and power distribution.

Windows-based, the SMTS software allows to perform the most complex simulations involving a synchronous generator in a simple and fast way.

Plant devices simulated:

- Synchronous machine that may be defined either as generator or motor
- Excitation system (static or rotating) including AVR (ABB type UNITROL® or others)
- Power System Stabilizer (PSS), ABB type 1 and IEEE PSS2A acc. to IEEE 421.5 1992
- Field suppression circuit including field breaker and field discharge resistor (linear or nonlinear)
- Multipurpose IEEE governor and turbine (driving power ramp)
- Non-linear speed dependent shaft load for motor applications
- Step-up transformer
- Network composed of the line series inductance and resistance connected to an infinite voltage source

Examples of simulation:

- Load rejections
- Three-phase short-circuits at generator terminals
- Three-phase short-circuits on high-voltage side of step-up transformer
- Field suppression from a defined initial load or fault condition
- Performance verification of the excitation system under fault conditions
- Adjustments verification of AVR and PSS
- Load variation during island operation
- Asynchronous start-up, etc.    

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