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Controlling your control assets


A control system is a technically complex tool, and its successful interaction with a process and plant staff is supported by significant administrative upkeep and support. 

This includes software licenses, up-to-date cyber security protection, system diagnostic and maintenance tools, training modules, safety monitoring reports and so on, which control systems typically require to function effectively. 

In the past, operators have had to search in a variety of places to get an overview of these supports, but a new web-based approach now provides a simple, convenient way of keeping track of your system.

Using a dashboard format, the platform presents important information about a control system’s subscriptions and software licenses. Data including content, expiry dates, tools and license key downloads is available with just a few clicks of a mouse. 

Additional features available on the same platform support control system customers during operation and maintenance. For example, the health status of a control system can be checked with benchmark and fingerprint reports, which specify optimization possibilities and suggest actions to bridge any performance gaps.

ABB has recently launched the Benchmark and Fingerprint Health Checks for the large fleet of Power Generation Portal (PGP). These checks provide a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of the PGP operator stations. Performance, configuration and life cycle parameters are read from the installed system and compared to requirements and best practices. Non-optimal system states and settings are automatically identified. As result, the Benchmark report provides a quick overview of the system status, and the Fingerprint report presents the evaluated findings and detailed recommendations for improvement.

In conclusion, customers can lower their total maintenance costs and reduce after-hours phone support or service calls by using this web portal. The portal provides access to advanced services which show the key performance indicators (KPI’s) of a system and suggest what the customer should do to bridge any gap in performance, security or lifecycle status.


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