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ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations

Harness the power of people and information

ABB Collaborative Operations connects people in production facilities, headquarters, and at ABB and shares information to keep operations running.

Collaborative Operations provides 24/7 remote access to ABB digital technologies, data analytics and domain expertise. This solution enables you to connect your operations, engineering and business management with ABB’s internet-of-things applications and expertise. ABB Collaborative Operations networks around the world are equipped with advanced applications that allow you and ABB experts to collaborate remotely and adapt your operations to fluctuating demand quickly. We help you get started with technology you have, and add what is necessary. Connect to ABB experts anytime, anywhere to make the best data-driven decisions possible.

Key benefits:

  1. Continuous collaboration and access to experts
  2. Sound business decisions using detailed data analytics
  3. Increased productivity through improved asset performance
  4. Improved communication between you and ABB
  5. Higher safety and security, reduced risks and lower costs

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4 key components of ABB Collaborative Operations:

Collaborative Operations can be found in these industries:

Applications of Collaborative Operations technologies:

Yamal LNG icegoing carriers use ABB to supply electrical power and propulsion systems


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