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ABB Ability™ Cyber Risk Assessment

Uncover risks to begin a mitigation strategy

Cyber Security Risk Assessment is a consulting service that takes a holistic approach to cyber security. It uncovers, rates, prioritizes and remedies control system cyber security risks by providing you with a  detailed in-depth view of your control system’s security posture and risk mitigation strategy.

An important first step in securing systems

Working in close cooperation with customers, and conducted in accordance with the best practices outlined in ISA/IEC 62443 standards for securing control systems, our Cyber Security Risk Assessment teams first carry out a high-level cyber security risk assessment to determine system-wide and systemic-specific risks.

The results of this examination are then used to facilitate partitioning of the control system and grouping of assets into zones and conduits. The next step of the process is a detailed risk assessment carried out for each zone and conduit.

The end result is a cyber security action plan that highlights the risks identified, prioritizes those risks, and provides actionable remediation steps. Operators can employ this plan to prevent the disruption of operations by even the most determined attackers.

Industry solutions

For Oil, Gas & Chemicals customers, the cyber security risk assessment is also carried out in several steps, grouped into phases. Learn more here


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