ABB ServicePort™ is a secure, remote-enabled service delivery platform that allows users to view, scan and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure maximum performance of equipment and processes, resulting in higher operational efficiency for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Deployed directly at customer locations, ServicePort distills expertise ABB built over decades of equipment and process support into bundles of automatic Performance Service Channels. These channels provide high levels of advanced services efficiently on a global basis.

ServicePort also delivers user-selectable, secure, remote-enabled connection to ABB experts, who help users identify production and process issues and improvements at any time and any location, anywhere in the world.

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Performance Service Channels
Remote Access

Performance Service Channels are delivered individually through ServicePort. Each channel is a bundle of services applied to a particular piece of equipment, or production or business process.

With the extensive data made available by today’s automation systems, locating the exact information you need to resolve problems can be challenging.

ABB Workbench Tools provide the data mining and analysis necessary to understand and correct issues that impact availability, quality and productivity.

Remote Access Platform

Secure remote access to world-class expertise from your site

Issues we typically see

  • Recurring system errors that require fast support response
  • Extended down-time while waiting for engineer to travel to site
  • Additional support needed due to on-site labor reductions


There are two options to enable connectivity:
  1. ABB Secure Remote Access Platform (RAP)
  2. Customer provided VPN

Either method provides fast connectivity to global subject matter experts (SMEs), and allows engineers to quickly access information to troubleshoot problems without allocating time to travel to site.

ABB Remote Access Platform (RAP)

In addition to enabling a secure connection and quick access, ABB's RAP subscription service solution allows routine, proactive data gathering which supports the delivery of additional advanced service offerings.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Existing customer provided VPN remote connectivity functions well for reactive troubleshooting, however it is not suitable to provide advanced proactive support.

Why ours is better

The ABB Remote Access platform provides a secure connection to the site, configured to meet all IT and regulatory security requirements.

Access to an established Remote Access Platform enables fast access to a larger pool of technical and global support resources and enhances the efficiency of service delivery and effectiveness of support, while eliminating some or all associated travel costs and delays.

As the OEM, our process delivers the highest value in product specific services and solutions.

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