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Good alarm system performance cannot be provided by technology alone. Sustained alarm system performance is achievable through informed and motivated management of the system by the system owner, following a clear alarm management lifecycle approach:  

The principals of good alarm management are captured in the EEMUA 191 guidance and have been formalised in the alarm management standards IEC62682 and ISA 18.02, which utilise an alarm management lifecycle approach as the core mechanism for the definition, design, implementation, operation and maintenance of alarm systems for hazardous processing plant and machinery. The principles of these standards and the KPIs defined within them are a benchmark against which your company will be measured by industry regulators. It is therefore important that alarm system owners can demonstrate best practice through compliance with the alarm system lifecycle framework by virtue of supporting procedures and formally documented working practices. In addition, well managed alarm systems have been shown to deliver improved process up time and increased efficiency that can deliver operational financial benefit.

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