ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Asset Inventory

Identify assets to provide protections

With so many new threats and vulnerabilities being discovered every day, it can be difficult to know if your organization is truly at risk. Most companies still rely on manually created asset inventory spreadsheets that often are poorly maintained, lacking the necessary detail to assess threats properly.

ABB Ability™ Cyber Security Asset Inventory helps solve the problem, by providing passive network monitoring to discover the assets communicating with your operational environment. Active data collectors are employed to develop a comprehensive asset inventory. The solution is vendor-agnostic and always-on.

Always-on for peace of mind

Automating this process ensures availability and reliability, while reducing risk and operational costs. Through condition monitoring predictive maintenance strategies and work order management can implemented and improved.

Asset Management also allows you to run asset management processes and functions including assigning ownership, managing metadata (including criticality classification), obsolescence management and vulnerability management.

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