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Detailed information for: OVR T2 3N 80-440s P QS

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Data Sheet

OVR T2 3N 80-440s P QS

General Information

  • Extended Product Type:
    OVR T2 3N 80-440s P QS
  • Product ID:
  • EAN:
  • Catalog Description:
    OVR T2 3N 80-440s P QS Surge Protective Device
  • Long Description:
    Surge protective devices SPD type 2 protect low-voltage consumer systems against surge voltages as they are tested as SPD type 2 according to IEC 61643-11. The devices are compatible with the System pro M compact series. The SPD with "TS" are optionally equipped with a auxiliary contact. The variants with "reserve varistor" (s) offer additional protection for the system, as the SPD is not completely disconnected from the mains at the end of its service life, but with an additional smaller varistor still guarantees basic protection and the system thus until the surge arrester is replaced is still protected


  • Products » Low Voltage Products and Systems » Modular DIN Rail Products » Surge Protective Devices SPDs » Surge Protective Devices SPD Class II


  • Type of Low Voltage Distribution System:
  • Nominal AC Voltage of the System (Uo):
    400 / 690 V
  • Number of Protected Poles:
  • Arrester Class:
  • Product Main Type:
  • Standards:
    IEC 61643-11 / EN 61643-11
  • Product Type:
  • Version:
  • Discharge Current:
    Nominal 20 kA
    Maximum 80 kA
    Total 80 kA
  • Impulse Current:
    I (imp, 10 / 350 µs) 6.25 kA
  • Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc):
    (L-PE) 440 V
    (L-L) 760 V
    (L-N) 440 V
    (N-PE) 440 V
  • Voltage Rating DC:
    560 V
  • Voltage Protection Level ( Up):
    (L-N) 1.8 kV
    (N-PE) 2 kV
    (L-PE) 2.1 kV
  • Short Circuit Withstand Icc:
    100 kA
  • Temporary Overvoltage Test Value (UT):
    (L-N) 581 V
    (N-PE) 1200 V
  • Short-Circuit Protective Devices:
    Curve B Breakers ≤ 125 A
    Curve C Breakers ≤ 125 A
    gL Type Fuses ≤ 160 A
    gG Type Fuses ≤ 160 A
  • Product Name:
    Surge Protective Device
  • Suitable For:
    To protect the systems against the transient overvoltage (lightning)


  • Product Net Width:
    71.2 mm
  • Product Net Depth / Length:
    76.7 mm
  • Product Net Height:
    88 mm
  • Product Net Weight:
    0.6 kg
  • Width in Number of Modular Spacings:

Container Information

  • Package Level 1 Units:
    1 piece
  • Package Level 1 Width:
    117 mm
  • Package Level 1 Depth / Length:
    77 mm
  • Package Level 1 Height:
    82 mm
  • Package Level 1 Gross Weight:
    630 g
  • Package Level 1 EAN:


  • Minimum Order Quantity:
    1 piece
  • Customs Tariff Number:

Certificates and Declarations (Document Number)

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  • Object Classification Code:
  • ETIM 4:
    EC000941 - Surge protection device for power supply systems
  • ETIM 5:
    EC000941 - Surge protection device for power supply systems
  • ETIM 6:
    EC000941 - Surge protection device for power supply systems
  • ETIM 7:
    EC000941 - Surge protection device for power supply systems
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