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Detailed information for: 9ADA267-6

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Data Sheet

Where Used (as a spare part for "Products")

Identifier Qty Unit Of Measure
IRB 1400 M2004 1 piece
IRB 640 M2000 1 piece
IRB 6600_6650 Type A M2004 1 piece
IRB 6600_6650 Type A M2004 Foundry Prime 1 piece
IRB 6600_6650 Type B M2004 1 piece
IRB 6600_6650 Type B M2004 Foundry Prime 1 piece
1 piece
IRB 6660 M2000 1 piece

Where Used (as part of "kit")

Identifier Description Type
Lubrication system local adaption Kit


  • Country of Origin:
    China (CN)
    Poland (PL)
    Finland (FI)
  • Invoice Description:
    Hexagon nut
  • Minimum Order Quantity:
    1 piece
  • Selling Unit of Measure:
  • Order Multiple:
    1 piece
  • Quote Only:
  • Made To Order:
  • Stocked At (Warehouses):
    Menden, Germany
    Espoo, Finland
    Shanghai, China


  • Customs Tariff Number:
  • Part Type:
  • WEEE Category:
    Product Not in WEEE Scope


  • Product Net Weight:
    0.002 kg
  • Gross Weight:
    0.002 kg
  • Product Net Depth / Length:
    12 mm
  • Product Net Height:
    6 mm
  • Product Net Width:
    12 mm

Additional Information

  • Frame Size:
  • Product Name:
    Hexagon nut
  • ABB Type Designation:
    Steel 8-A2F M6
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