ABB Ability™ Stationary gas emissions monitoring solution


EverGuard™ provides continuous, ultrasensitive monitoring of natural gas emissions near high-risk areas.


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A robust and sensitive solution

EverGuard™ consists of ABB’s renowned microportable multi-gas analyzer (GLA131 Series) embedded into a weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure that can be connected to several optional modules (e.g., solar panel, uninterruptible power supply, cellular transmitter, Wi-Fi router, GNNS receiver, weather station, multi-inlet sampling manifold) to meet the most stringent requirements of almost any application requiring continuous monitoring of natural gas leaks.

  • Continuous gas concentration measurements anywhere
  • Fast response rate enables rapid alarm response
  • No cross interference
  • Highest sensitivity measurements allow detection far from leak source
  • Low power requirements facilitate solar power operation
  • Inherently rugged technology proven worldwide
  • Cyber secure internet connectivity
  • Highest reliability
  • Simple to service


Security and integrity

  • Local and remote communication established using secure wireless communication and internet 
  • Users can access data from anywhere and share data immediately providing full transparency and meet all compliance requirements.
  • ABB’s natural gas leak detection solutions have passed rigorous and thorough cyber security tests so that customers can use these products in their mission-critical applications with confidence.
  • This advanced natural gas leak detection solution provides customers with detailed, quantitative data without the need for human review, editing, or filtering.
  • Our customers fully own and always control all data to ensure safety, transparency and integrity.


EverGuard™ applications

This comprehensive gas leak detection solution was designed for the most critical applications, including:

  • Upstream installations: well pads and storage
  • Midstream distribution network: gathering lines and pipelines
  • Downstream facilities: factories, distribution stations and storage facilities
  • High-risk zones: public gathering areas, schools, hospitals


The LGR-ICOS™ technology advantages

The unique advantages of the patented LGR-ICOSTM technology make ABB’s gas analyzers the preferred choice.

  • Highest Precision and Sensitivity - combines rugged, reliable near-IR diode lasers with an optical cavity to yield measurements with highest precision and sensitivity in a simple, robust package.
  • Widest Dynamic Range - directly measures absorption in an optical cavity rather than only a cavity decay time. Thus provides linear response over a much wider dynamic range than conventional CRDS and TDLAS methods.
  • Best Performance - provides unsurpassed overall performance in every important metric (accuracy, speed, linearity, reliability).
  • Field Serviceable / Minimal Downtime - Designed for ruggedness and reliability, in addition to performance. Overall simplicity allows easy service, if necessary.
  • Better Value - analyzer performance unaffected by minor shifts in optical alignment enabling the use of simpler components and sub-systems.
  • Comprehensive Platform - ABB uniquely provides a comprehensive platform of solutions based on LGR-ICOS™ technology designed to address any leak detection application.



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