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Greenhouse Gas Analyzer

GLA131 Series - Microportable

ABB Inc. - Quebec

3400, rue Pierre-Ardouin Québec (Québec) CANADA G1P 0B2

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The ABB LGR-ICOS gas analyzers build on the heritage and extensive track record of Los Gatos Research analyzers, using patented Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) technology, the latest evolution in tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy. 


ABB’s microportable gas analyzers (GLA131-GGA) report measurements of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor simultaneously in a package that is compact, crushproof and travels anywhere. Small enough to be hand-carried (even on-board aircraft) and requiring less than 35 watts, the GLA131-GGA offers opportunities to measure greenhouse gases anywhere.

Options, maintenance, accessories
The GLA131-GGA begin recording data within 20 seconds after power on so users do not have to wait for a long warm-up period for the system to thermally equilibrate. 

ABB’s patented OA-ICOS technology, a fourth-generation cavity enhanced absorption technique, has many advantages over older, conventional and delicate cavity ringdown spectroscopy and direct absorption techniques. LGR-ICOS analyzers are easier to operate and more robust, thus providing users with higher performance and reliability at lower operating costs.

The GLA131-GGA analyzer have an internal computer that can store data practically indefinitely on an SD card and send real time data to a tablet, smartphone or other WiFi device. The analyzer includes control and analysis software.

  • Lightweight: less than 6.1 kg (13.5 pounds) with battery (included)
  • Continuous measurements
  • Data reported every second with high sensitivity
  • Ideal for soil flux studies and field measurements of greenhouse gases
  • Extremely wide linear range, CH4 range up to 1% (optional Extended Range)
  • No cross interferences
  • Operates directly on DC power
  • Fast gas flow response time (1 second, 1/e)
  • Records data within 20 seconds after power on
  • Multiple data outputs and internet connectivity
  • Recirculating capabilities (inlet/outlet)
As with all LGR-ICOS analyzers, the GLA131-GGA is fast and simple to use which makes them ideal for field studies, compliance monitoring, air quality studies and soil flux studies, and wherever sensitive measurements of greenhouse gases are needed.

Repeatability / Precision (1-sigma):
CH4:  <  0.9 ppb (1 sec),  < 0.3 ppb (10 sec), < 0.1 ppb (100 sec)
CO2:  <  0.35 ppm (1 sec),  < 0.12 ppm (10 sec), < 0.04 ppm (100 sec)

Measurement Rates:
0.01 – 10 Hz (user selectable)

Linear Measurement Range (meets all specification):
CH4: Up to 100 ppm
CO2: Up to 20000 ppm
H2O:  Up to 30000 ppm

Sampling conditions
Sample temperature: -40 – 50 °C
Operating temperature: 5 – 45 °C
Ambient humidity: 0 - 99.9% RH non-condensing

Flow response time
1 second (1/e)

Data measurement rate
0.01 – 10 Hz (user selectable)

Data outputs
WiFi, Ethernet, USB, MIU connection (8 ports), Serial(RS-232)

Power requirements
10-30 VDC or 110/240 VAC
35 W power consumption
120 W Power supply/charger included
99.4 Wh internal battery included, ~4 hours


12cm H x 34 cm W x 29.5 cm D
6 in. H × 13.4 in. W × 11.6 in. D

6.1 kg (13.5 lbs) with internal battery

Extended CH4 concentration range option
Extends the linear range for methane up to 1%

"Modbus TCP option
Enables exhaustive Modbus TCP register including multiple analyzer outputs.
Notes: Uses the Ethernet port of the analyzer"
"Digital Data Logging capability
Allows simultaneous recording of serial (RS-232) data outputs from multiple ABB analyzers and from other instruments, including Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, and sonic anemometers, into a single data file on the analyzer with a common time stamp. This allows users to easily synchronize, tabulate and graphically present and correlate historical data from several instruments and sensors. Software resides on analyzer to obviate need for external computer.
Note2: Not available for product upgrades (contact service support)"
Accessories - Gas Inputs
"Dissolved Gas Extraction System
Removes dissolved gases from liquids and sends them to external analyzers for analysis.
- Includes internal multi-channel datalogger"
Hand Pad CR1000KD for DGES
"Multiport Inlet Unit 16channels
External hardware (includes 16 solenoid valves) and internal software package which enables fully integrated, programmable selection from up to 16 separate sources.  "
"Multiport Inlet Unit 8 channels
External hardware (includes 8 solenoid valves) and internal software package which enables fully integrated, programmable selection from up to 8 separate sources."
Accessory Kit for Microportable Analyzer (includes shoulder strap and  collapsible wand)
Accessories - Communications & external inputs
"Wireless User Interface - Apple iPad Mini
Provides full instrument control and provides touch-screen video display and integrated keyboard and mouse control."
"Wireless User Interface - Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Provides full instrument control and provides touch-screen video display and integrated keyboard and mouse control."
Accessories - Power 
"DC Power Case for Microportable (No Battery) 
(can hold battery size: 8.2""x7.7""x5.1"" or smaller and includes all battery terminal connections with ring lugs for 1/4-20 or 6mm screws, 2x automotive DC socket outputs - cigarette lighter style); battery not included and must be purchased locally by distributor and installed"
99.9Wh battery (up to 4h) for Microportable
Dockstation charger for Microportable battery

Service- Maintenance kits
"Mirror cleaning kit - GLA131 Series - Microportable Analyzers - Viton O-rings
Includes :
- Stainless steel block with wafer to hold the mirror during cleaning
- Teflon tube to extract the mirrors from their flange.
- Dry air can
- Lens tissues for cleaning
- 30ML plastic bottles with solvent (1x Acetone, 1x Methanol)
- Chapman Tools kit
- Viton O-rings kit" 

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