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Cylmate angle transducer

The Angle Transducer is using the Pulsed Eddy Current Technology, patented by ABB, which will find the magnetic middle of each tooth with an accuracy of 0.05°. 



For each turn, 720 angle values are measured and calculated in relation to a global time-base. The intelligent Angle Transducer is using a 3:rd degree interpolation polynomial algorithm in order to find the correct angle values independent of speed variation of the flywheel. 
The total angle measuring concept gives an outstanding accuracy and repeatability of angle measurement independent of temperature, distance, rotating speed and speed variations.


Type PMVG 211-A/211-B
Dimension W x H x L 150 x 143 x 255 mm
Weight 4.3 kg
EMC-proof Yes
Resistant against oil Yes
Protection class IP 65
Power consumption 8 W
Flywheel tooth-width

 PMVG 211-A 13 - 22 mm

PMVG 211-B  22 - 55 mm


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