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Torbar averaging pitot tube

Multi-port, self-averaging flow meter.

The FPD350 Torbar is a multi-port, self-averaging flow meter whose design is based on the classical pitot tube concept of fluid flow measurement.



Since its design and launch in 1985, thousands of Torbar flowmeters have been installed into a wide variety of industries worldwide.

FPD350 Torbar is suitable for gases, liquids and steam. Some of the many typical applications include water, natural gas, flue gas, nitrogen, combustion gases, ventilation air, sea water, cooling water, crude oil, saturated and superheated steam. Meters are available for pipe sizes from 15 mm (½ in.) up to 8 m (26 ft.).


  • Unique profile shape
    – offers high flow turndown

  • Low permanent pressure loss
    – low energy consumption & cost
    – reduced carbon footprint

  • Suitable for wide range of pipe sizes & shapes
    – circular, square or rectangular section ducts
    – overall range from 15 to 8000 mm (0.5 to 315 in.) diameter

  • Dual averaging
    – improved accuracy with asymmetric flow profiles

  • Hot-tap versions available
    – enables insertion into pressurized pipes

  • Optional Integral Transmitter and RTD
    – provides compact volumetric or mass flow metering


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