Ensuring the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of your natural gas operations starts with accurate gas quality measurement and rapid gas leak detection.

From production to distribution, our comprehensive solutions deliver high-performance measurement across the entire natural gas chain, supporting vital activities including custody transfer, process optimization, emission monitoring, and safety management.

Our innovative portfolio of gas quality analyzers, leak detection systems, and flow computers provides essential data that can be transformed into actionable insights for optimizing natural gas production and distribution.

We also offer a suite of digital asset performance management tools and complete lifecycle support, giving you complete measurement solutions that make a world of difference in natural gas.


Download solutions guide to optimize your natural gas operations

Download solutions guide

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Discover ABB's end-to-end solutions for the natural gas industry

Download our guide to learn how ABB is helping the natural gas industry ensure safe, efficient and sustainable operation by enabling accurate and reliable measurement of gas quality and timely detection of leaks. 

End-to-end solution

Find safer, more reliable, and efficient ways to measure gas quality and detect gas leaks quickly.

  • Quickly and accurately quantify gas compositions
  • Compact and cost-efficient solutions
  • Fast and accurate calculation of pipeline contaminants
  • Optimizing natural gas plant processes
  • Receive accurate gas composition and volume
  • Measure multiple contaminants simultaneously
  • Mobile gas leak detection solutions

Download solutions guide to optimize your natural gas operations

Download solutions guide

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