Introducing Tony Magnusen, Sales Development Specialist – CWA, Measurement & Analytics, ABB North America

April 28th, 2022


Tony Magnusen  

Sales Development Specialist – CWA, Measurement & Analytics, ABB North America


In this series of blogs, we shine a spotlight on those measurement champions across the ABB Measurement and ABB Analytics business. Join us as we discuss the skills needed to solve the most complex challenges industry can throw at them, and what drives our champions to deliver best in class solutions.

In this blog, we meet Tony Magnusen.Tony trained as a chemist at the University of Southern Mississippi. He then went on to build his career experience in the chemical and power industry. 


What is your role in ABB?

I am a Sales Development Specialist within the Continuous Water Analyzer team for North America.


What skills make you good at your job and valued by your customers?

I understand the scientific theory that underpins chemistry and also have ten plus years of practical hands-on industrial experience. I was recruited from the Power Industry where boiler water chemistry, wastewater, and water quality are fundamental to the operation of the condensate, feed water, and steam cycle, and also monitoring of key environmental outfalls for discharging water back out into the US waterways. Online monitoring of Continuous Water Analyzers are important to help protect plant assets, measuring key process parameters, and monitoring constituents on environmental outfalls to comply with NPDES permits. As a result of working in an industrial setting and understanding the processes involved in a typical water cycle (e.g., Water Treatment, Process Water, and Wastewater). I have a solid understanding of the challenges that face our customers today, namely:

  1. Integrated solutions to offer added value components in challenging/harsh applications.
  2. Understanding the instrument’s set up and proper installation to mitigate process error.
  3. Operational integrity to provide indisputable data
  4. Preventative maintenance to extend the life of the analyzer/solution and maintain continuous operation.


My work experience to date has been crucial for me to understand the integration, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of Continuous Water Analyzers. I understand the reasons why process dependent data is required to run plant processes efficiently. In addition, my hands-on experience in the field has given me a better understanding of the Raw water intake, Water Treatment Plant, Process Water, Wastewater treatment, and final effluent discharges. There are all sorts of factors to consider: sample conditions, where to measure in order to get a reliable and repeatable reading, and specifying the right analyzer/solution. I have an appreciation of setting up complex water analyzers, so that the measurement and any process changes never contradict each other. Prior to my time working in the Power Industry, I worked for a Chlor-Alkali Chemical Plant which involved laboratory analyses of process samples and conducting round robin testing with QC standards to verify our lab instruments and methods. Process sample integrity and the data that’s provided from continuous water analyzers are critical to run processes effectively, and it’s important to provide indisputable data and be able to verify online analyzers in the field to help operate industrial processes, protect plant assets, and maintain good environmental stewardship. 

How have you developed those skills?

I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. With my highest regard I commend my advisor, for his efforts in my undergraduate studies and development. While at Southern Miss, I had the opportunity to work in Dr. Holder’s research lab where we studied the effects of Vanadium and Ruthenium as a catalyst in clean energy, anti-cancer and diabetes research. The research work that I’ve done with thiosemicarbazones at USM has been published in Dalton Transactions publication, and that experience has helped me with understanding lab standard methods, how to provide high quality data, good sampling techniques, and chemistry. I am a skilled chemist with industrial experience, so I understand the methods & chemistry involved in continuous water analyzers and the applications in industrial processes. Throughout my career I’ve gained a tremendous amount of experience in the Chemical & Power industry, but now work across all verticals in which we operate at ABB.


What do you love about your role?

Having an insatiable passion for helping people, I often am found helping customers find solutions to their application specific issues. This has helped me to establish credibility as a reliable, knowledgeable, and trusted advisor in the industry. Customers trust me to come on-site and find a solution to their particular problems. I simply love tackling customer challenges, educating others, and enjoy getting my hands dirty out in the field — that is why I enjoy my job.

What are the biggest challenges you have come across in your role?

I try to constantly maintain and build upon my relationships with customers as a trusted advisor. I don’t want them to see me as anything else … and don’t want to damage relationships that I’ve spent years carefully cultivating. In my line of work you are selling your self, knowledge, support, and experience. We have to ensure that all data is indisputable and repeatable, and give customers a compelling value proposition with ABB. My challenge is, I don’t help people with analyzer problems; I help analyzers with people problems.


What sort of projects are you involved in now?

To name a few…

  • Dissolved Oxygen monitoring in Wastewater Aeration Basins.
  • Process pH measurement in Pulp and Paper, Chemical, and Refining. 
  • Ultra-pure water analysis in Semiconductor & Fossil Fuel Power Plants.
  • Turbidity/TSS monitoring for ash pond closures at Coal Fired Power Plants.
  • Reuse water analysis in Oil & Gas & Water/Wastewater treatment.
  • Biological Nutrient Monitoring and Removal in Wastewater Treatment.


My previous experience has been in Chemical & Power, I now work across a variety of verticals including Oil & Gas, Refining, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Semiconductor manufacturing, and Municipal Water & Wastewater. All have different challenges that can vary from project to project. Each customer may have different priorities or even legacy equipment, and so I have to use some creativity to generate a solution that works, assuring customer satisfaction every time.

I am Tony Magnusen, and that’s why I love my job!

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