Why go wireless?

Simple…Wireless instrumentation networks have the potential to significantly reduce instrumentation installation costs. Savings greater than 30% and up to 60% are common place i.e not just in wires and cabling but in engineering and installation costs. In addition, wireless devices and networks are quicker to deploy – wireless makes measurement easy.

A key early adopter of wireless technology is in the addition of new measurement points on an existing installation to gather additional information that can improve processes and asset performance. Wireless instruments and sensors such as the WiMonWirelessHART temperature transmitter TTF300-WWirelessHART temperature sensor TSP300-W with or without Energy Harvester, WirelessHART pressure transmitter  enable additional sensing capabilities at a lower cost and faster deployment. 

Wireless instrumentation and networks offer a number of other advantages over traditional wired networks, such as:

  • Wear-and tear free data transfer.
  • Deployment in mobile and rotating equipment or in hostile and remote locations.
  • Temporary deployments as the network nodes do not require physical infrastructure.
  • Smaller installation footprint – no junction boxes, cabling infrastructure and reduced marshaling cabinet sizes


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