800xA Wireless HART Solution

The sheer power of ABB System 800xA is a unique integration capability to integrate any type of equipment on any fieldbus protocol and transform the equipment data to valuable information to different types of users in an industrial plant – The power of integration

ABB System 800xA has a wirelessHART integration solution that enables you to seamlessly integrate wirelessHART devices and networks into 800xA.

 Our solution:

  • Significantly reduce training costs – Continue to use System 800xA with WirelessHART devices in the same way as wired HART devices
  • Reduce installation time – easily and quickly use variables with new function libraries that can efficiently extract device data.
  • Efficiently manage your wireless assets from a single access platform – Gateway and device specific DTM‘s that fully exploit the capabilities of WirelessHART and are all accessible from the 800xA workplace

The power of wireless from one platform - please contact us for details of the wireless solution package

System 800xA Extended Automation 

System 800xA Solutions Handbook 

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