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Production optimization solutions

XSeries applications

Our goal is to optimize the productivity of your assets across their full lifecycle. The newest generation of powerful, fully expandable flow computers and RTUs perform a large number of applications to cover all phases of enhanced production and offer solutions which scale from individual wells to large pads. They can be configured to measure and control practically all functions on the pad: from monitoring and control to custody transfer support. Regardless of what you’re producing or where your fields may lie, ABB can help automate and enhance your production.


If you have special needs requiring customized G4 applications, we’re here for you with our expert project engineering services. Simply let us know your challenges and needs. We’ll put G4 productivity to work for your unique system requirements.

Talk to a sales representative for more information on custom applications


ABB’s flow computers and RTUs come standard with numerous applications built in. We offer a “credit” system that allows users to choose which applications best suit their needs. Each unit comes with a standard number of credits and more credits can be purchased if necessary.


* = Included with purchase

$ = Credit Required    
    No. of credits included with purchase
    4 4 4 2
Application Description XFCG4 XRCG4 XFCG4EX µFLOG4
Operational Applications
Analysis Trend File Gas composition logs from online GC $ $ $ $
Communications Used to set up communication * * * *
Conversion Units Converts units of measure * * * *
Coriolis Data Interface Communication interface for Coriolis meter * * * *
Display Controls data shown on LCD display * * * *
Enron Interface Enron Modbus support of AGA3 and AGA7 * * * *
Holding Registers General purpose data registers * * * *
IO Interface Scans all I/O data, onboard and TFIO modules * * * *
LevelMaster Interface Interface to the LevelMaster product * * * *
NGC Client TCP/IP Modbus interface to NGC * * * *
Operations Configurable math and logic functions * * * *
Protocol Multiplexer Interfaces two host systems to one communications channel $ $    
Pulse Accumulator Scales and accumulates pulse inputs for basic volume totals * * * *
RAMS (Alarm) System Configurable alarm detection, logging, and reporting * * * *
Therms Master Gathers and sends gas analysis data via Modbus to Slaves * * * *
Therms Slave Receives gas analysis data from EFM with Therms Master * * * *
Trend System Configurable trending functionality * * * *
WLIO Interface Interface to the WellTell wireless products * *    
XMV Interface Communications interface for an external multivariable * * * *
Automation Applications
Gas Lift Artificial lift for wells with liquid loading problems $ $ $  
IEC Interface IsaGraf Custom Logic $t $t $t  
Pad Controller Allows control of multiple wells $ $ $  
PID Control Allows the use of PID controllers * * *  
Plunger Lift Allows control of a plunger on a production well $ $ $  
Pump Control Interface Prebulit interfaces for various pumps $ $ $  
Shutdown System Shutdown a well or site * * *  
Valve Control (AO/DO) Allows control of flow / pressure using Valve Control Module * *    
Measurement Applications
AGA3 Orifice gas measurement $ $ $ $
AGA7 Linear gas measurement $ $ $ $
Coriolis Measurement Coriolis gas flow measurement $ $ $ $
Liquid Measurement Linear liquid (API) measurement $ $ $ $
NIST 14 Gas CO2 measurement $t $t $t $t
NIST 14 Liquid CO2 measurement $t $t $t $t
Nozzle Measurement Flow nozzle gas and water measurement $ $ $ $
Oil Transfer Measurement Creates truck load ticket from tanks $ $ $ $
VCone VCone gas flow measurement $ $ $ $
Wedge Gas Wedge gas flow measurement $ $ $ $

tA special credit is required for these applications. Contact your sales representative for more information on purchasing information.



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