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Extendable flow computers

XFCG4 products

XSeriesG4 Flow Computers (XFCG4) are low-power, microprocessor-based units designed to meet a wide range of measurement, automation, monitor, control, and alarming applications for a variety of remote oil and gas systems.

  Enclosure Type Approx. weight
(without battery)
Max I/O Modules Max battery capacity
Flow computers        
Differential flow computers        
XFCG4 6410 Small Enclosure 13.5 lbs 0 26AH
XFCG4 6413 Medium Enclosure 15 lbs 3 26AH
XFCG4 6713 Large Enclosure 29 lbs 6 52AH
Linear flow computers        
XFCG4 6411 Small Enclosure 11.5 lbs 0 26AH
XFCG4 6414 Medium Enclosure 12 lbs 3 26AH
XFCG4 6714 Large Enclosure 27 lbs 6 52AH

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All XSeriesG4 units feature multi-tube capability—up to eight per unit, or 20 tubes per unit in special cases—with custody-transfer measurement features. The flexibility of these units, which includes backward compatibility with legacy Totalflow systems, allows you to increase productivity and improve asset utilization.

Designed for either differential (orifice) or pulse (linear) metering, XSeriesG4 models are available in various enclosure sizes that may accommodate up to six TFIO modules and a range of battery sizes (see data sheet for model specifications). And with their exceptional processing speed and memory capacity (203 MHz 32-bit microprocessor, Windows® CE operating system), you can run more applications faster than ever before.

In addition to basic flow computer inputs, the standard XSeriesG4 has an integrated Ethernet 10 Base-T port that enables full networking capabilities, and USB host and device ports for flashing new firmware and high-speed local configuration and collection.

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