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RMC-100 (remote modular controller)

Xseries flow computing

A single RMC-100 controller is capable of managing automation, liquids and gas measurement, and asset data concentration for very large production and transmission facilities. Even so, the controller may still scale to a single-board RTU footprint for smaller systems. There is no other platform in the industry with such a wide, dynamic range. This frees the end user, OEM partner or integrator from the uncertainty of choosing a closed-ended model that could easily be irrelevant in a short period of time. 

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The RMC-100 is a new class of controller with backward compatible functionality based on ABB Totalflow software, communications and IO technologies. The RMC-100 is the first in a series of major upcoming steps into a next generation platform. Existing end user knowledge base, work processes and benefits are nimbly brought forward.

RMC-100 controller features

  • DIN rail mount
  • 9 to 30Vdc
  • 300MHz or 720Mhz purchase option
  • Two port Ethernet switch
  • Onboard IO (4XAI, 6XDI/DO, 2XPI, 1XAO)
  • 2XTFIO busses (up to 44 TFIO modules)
  • 2XCommunications Module Ports RS232, RS485, RS422 software configurable
  • Backward compatible with Totalflow G4 XSeries software applications and protocol suite
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