Turnkey welding solutions

Complete solution delivery


Apart from stand-alone products, such as robots or modular welding cells, ABB builds its process knowledge on delivering complete solutions to the end customer. These deliveries include deliveries of welding jigs and integrating them into robotic workplaces, programming the robot trajectories and fine-tuning the welding process. Depending on the type of production and the degree of automation, ABB supplies customers with the following types of pro-jects:
  • An operator-controlled welding workplace with manual loading and unloading of parts and weldments
  • A welding workplace equipped with one or more handling robots for loading / unloading parts
  • Complete production lines with full automation, including the integration of associated production pro-cesses (e.g. marking, tightness tests, gluing, welding nuts and other components, weld checks, geometry and dimensions, etc.)
This means ABB becomes the general contractor for the customer and is responsible for the complete delivery, in-cluding the requisite production quality and the required line cycle time.
Control for welding workplaces
Simple welding workplaces are controlled by the robot’s control system, which is able to control all the workplace components. The safety circuits of such a workplace converge in a separate safety PLC. More complex workplaces with automatic jigs are often equipped with a control PLC, which manages the complete control of the workplace, or the entire production line. These workplaces are equipped with one or more control panels, which provide a com-plete overview of the status of individual components with the aid of a touch screen, including a visualization of the status of welding jigs (presence of parts, position of individual clamps).
Welding jigs
Welding jigs are a key component that have a major impact on the final production quality. Their task is to fix the welded parts in an accurate and repeatable position. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the range of jigs ABB uses for its robotic workstations goes from simple jigs with manual clamps to pneumatic jigs with clamp posi-tion and part detection sensors that communicate with the robotic workplace via various communication interfaces (Devicenet, ProfiBus, ProfiNet and others). It is often important for the customer to choose one supplier for the welding workplace and welding jigs, including the fine-tuning of process parameters, as this prevents subsequent discussions about the extent of the individual entities’ responsibilities. 
During the construction (i.e. design) of the welding jigs, ABB continuously checks the concept and placement of the clamps on the jig in order to achieve optimal quality and at the same time the welding torch’s access to the weld site. To carry out this inspection, ABB uses its own simulation software, ABB RobotStudio, which verifies not only potential collisions of the torch with the jig, but also the resulting cycle time. Of course, the jigs have a Poka-Yoke design, which eliminates the risk of the operator inserting the wrong part into the jig or a part in the wrong way. After the design is approved, the jig is given over to production. ABB uses proven suppliers specializing in various types of manufactured products for its production.


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