FlexLoader™ FP 400

FlexLoader FP 400 is the largest fully automated feeder in the FlexLoader family, designed specifically for handling medium and large workpieces

The cell will with high speed and great accuracy handle workpieces up to 250 mm long and approximately 3 kg in weight. Workpieces are either tipped directly onto a buffer conveyor, or a pallet tipper can be connected.

The model of robot is chosen according to the needs in reach and payload as well as the desired cycle time. The shortest possible cycle time is approximately 2.3 seconds.

FlexLoader FP 400 is easy to operate, works for extended periods of time without attendance, and can manage most feeding tasks. The operator can teach in new workpieces in less than 10 minutes.
  • For unsorted workpieces and all sizes of pallets
  • Fully automated, from pallet to machine tending
  • Long unattended running time, works until the pallet is empty
Manufacturing Solutions
Machine Tool Tending Applications

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