FlexLoader™ M Conveyor


Opening new possibilities for flexible robotic machine tending

Makes it easy to load fragile workpieces with complex geometries into a machine tool by one or two conveyor infeed modules. The conveyors can be customized in different lengths depending on buffer need. Incredibly flexible solution thanks to the powerful yet easy to use vision system dedicated for machine tending.

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Introducing FlexLoader™ M Conveyor

Simplicity Through Automation

The machine tending cells are extremely user friendly and quick to program, even without specific robotics expertise. New workpieces can be programmed via a smart wizard in less than five minutes with no vision programming expertise required. This makes “Batch Size One” production a reality.

Digitalization Made Easy

FlexLoader M Vision is a state-of-art software suit for machine tending operations with a powerful yet easy to use vision module as well as other digitalization tools such as Order management, OEE-module & Fleet management dashboards.

The Power of Modularity

The FlexLoader M’s modular approach makes it easy to install and scale up. The system is optimized for machine tending processes, with an array of modules providing a wide choice of feeding systems, robots and safety solutions, with full compatibility across the range.


Key benefits

60% Increase in machine utilization

Robotic automation can prolong the production time with an extra unmanned shift.

30% bigger workpiece buffer

The new modular design makes it easy to tailor the conveyor buffer to fit your manufacturing needs.

Run multiple jobs

The order management module allows the robot to perform multiple jobs in succession and enables lot-size-one production.

Vision provides flexibility

FlexLoader M Vision makes it easy to load fragile workpieces with complex geometries without mechanical fixtures into a machine tool.



More features & benefits

FlexLoader M family

  • No extensive robot knowledge is required to operate the FlexLoader M feeders
  • Integrated software suit for machine tending operations with digitalization tools such as order management, downtime reporting & fleet management
  • The feeding module is interchangeable and makes it easy to maintain, service and rebuild when needed
  • New jobs can be programmed in just minutes
  • Easy-to-use operation interface via a touch-screen
  • Improved health & safety

FlexLoader M Conveyor

  • The conveyors can be customized in different lengths (between 2-6 meters) depending on buffer size and layout need.
  • Refilling of products during operation
  • Loading of up to 3 CNC machines with 1 robot
  • Fits small batches as well as large volume production. From series of 10s to series of 1000’s depending on the application
  • Can run free from operator supervision for up to eight hours
  • Optimal access to the machining area for manual front loading, tool exchange & maintenance


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