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Robotic Solutions for Machine Tool Tending Applications

Increased productivity and optimized operational costs with FlexLoader™

ABB FlexLoader™ is the next generation of standardized and flexible machine tool tending cells designed to feed your machines and automate handling of workpieces in production.

With more efficient and advanced machine tools entering the market the demands on more intelligent and flexible robotic automation for machine tool tending is ever increasing. All cells in the FlexLoader family are standardized and built using the latest technology to meet the increasing requirements for a flexible and cost-effective production.

Advanced yet easy to use
The control and communications with the robot are intelligently integrated into the software, providing a simple and intuitive programing experience when introducing new workpieces to the system. Not only making this one of the most flexible systems on the market but also one of the easiest-to-use operator interfaces on the market, teaching of a new workpiece is now possible in less than 10 minutes.

World Class Machine Tool Utilization
When compared with manual labor, robotic automation increases machine tool utilization by up to 60 percent. The short payback – in some cases less than 12 months – is significant and tangible

The FlexLoader cells from ABB provides reliable and predictable output from robot and machine tool. It facilitates higher machine tool utilization, typically in the range of above 90 percent compared with traditional manual machine tools, which often are in the range of 50 percent. This results in a much faster return on investment and gives a sustainable competitive advantage

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