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Weldguide IV

The most powerful robotic Thru-the-Arc joint tracking on the market

Weldguide IV is a powerful Thru-Arc™ tracking sensor based on patented technology and designed for ABB robotic welding systems.

Weldguide IV provides tracking functionality by reading the true impedance values close to the arc at 25 kHz then guides the robot to the correct path. Weldguide IV is designed to track difficult welding joint variations resulting from cast components or other pre-process problems.

Important improvements compared to Weldguide III, include:
  • Enhanced reliability thanks to installation in the IRC5 cabinet at delivery, a new metal enclosure, upgraded cables and comprehensive testing.
  • Easy mounting on welding cables and lower sensitivity to external noise with optional split-core-sensor (sensor inside diameter 57 mm versus 27 mm inside diameter. solid-core-sensor).
  • New tracking method “inverted centerline tracking”.
  • MultiMove functionality with up to two Weldguide IV units connected to one controller.
  • Visualisation of the actual track-log in RobotStudio including corrections and real current/voltage values - a unique monitoring feature under patent search.
  • Upgraded for new main computer, using Ethernet. communication.
  • Backward compatible as spare part for Weldguide III.
Technical data:
  • Weldguide IV sampling data from the process: 25 kHz.
  • Minimum weave width: 1.5 x wire diameter.
  • Torch to height reference voltage: 0-80 V.
  • Torch to height reference current: 0-800 A.
  • Vertical correction: 0.01 mm increments.
  • Horizontal correction: 0.01 mm increments.
  • Real time arc voltage increments: 0.1 V.
  • Real time arc current increments: 1 A.

For additional data, please see the data sheet.
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