External DressPack with retract function

Medium need for flexibility and wrist movements. Retract function to keep cables and hoses close to robot arm Limited optimization needs for each robot cycle.

Available for large robots
The calbes and hoses are pulled backwards during the robot movement and this keeps them close to the robot arm. This is a clear benefit if you want to avoid interference with the tool or if you have robots close to each other.

Optimized design
The robot has its process cables routed outside the upper arm with a retract function pulling the cables away from the tool. The retract function in combination with the bracket at axis 6 can be optimized individually for each robot cycle.
Short replacement time upper and lower arm
The cables and hoses are routed along the lower and upper arm by means of clamps and brackets. These clamps are designed so that you can quickly and accurately remove/ replace the complete package to minimize stop time in production. The repair can then be done later at a more convenient time.

Easy-to-adjust Retractor Arm
The retracting arm can be adjusted. Simple, yet still robust, design of the upper arm components. For easy access, the connection point between the lower and upper arm DressPacks has been placed at the lower arm. It is also convenient when you want to change the upper arm Dress pack.

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