Integrated DressPack - LeanID

This type of DressPack creates flexibility for today’s and tomorrow’s production demands

The Integrated DressPack is intended for production where there are high demands on flexibility and accessibility. For operations with many complex wrist movements and where the need for flexibility in changing products is high. The solution supports full simulation possibilities. It is available for large robots.

The robot has its process cables routed inside the upper arm and along the robot wrist. The cables follow every motion of the robot arm, instead of coming into swing in irregular patterns.

Swinging cables can wear fast. When routed inside and along the upper arm, the cables are firmly in place during robot operation, which results in reduced wear. They are also protected from weld spatters, heat and collisions. So, the service life is substantially increased to 4-6 years in 3-shift operation, compared to 1-2 years for an external DressPack. This gives an important advantage in higher uptime and lower costs for maintenance.

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