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Technical data for Air Control Unit


General data

Ambient temperature

0 - 55 ˚C

Enclosure material

Aluminium / stainless steel


IP 65

Storage temperature

-40 to 70˚C


3.5 kg

External dimensions


160x60x135 (WxHxD)

Total (w/flow tubes and grid)

160x125x200 (WxHxD)

Pneumatic data

Supply pressure

5 to 10.3 bar

Pressure bursts

12 bar

Supply hoses line inputs

Ø12 x Ø9 recommended (Condition: minimum 6 bar at ACU inlet)

Supply hoses output

Ø12 outer (imposed) and recommended Ø9 inner diameter

Performance data

Output range

0 to 9 bar

Flow sensor range

0 to 1000 Nl/min

Flow-sensor accuracy

+/- 2%

Electrical data

Input power

24 VDC

Max current

700 mA

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