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Ability™ Connected Atomizer RB 1000i Data

Technical information


Bell cup

ø70(BOC), ø40(BOC)

Shaping air nozzle

Super pattern control function
SA nozzle face cleaning (SFC) function

Effective spray pattern width

ø70 250~500mm
ø40 60~400mm

High voltage

 Charging type

Internal charge

 Voltage applied

Max. -90 kV

 HV current

Max. 150 μA

Rotation speed

Max. 60,000 rpm

Weight *01

Approx. 8.8~9.0 kg

Total air consumption *02

695~1565 Nl/min (ø70)

Flow rate *03*04

100~1000 cc/min (ø70)

Sensor *05

Vibration sensor
Temperature sensor

RFID tag *06

Bell cup
SA nozzle
Air bearing motor

*01 The weight differs depending on the specification

*02 These are the values when the flow rate is 400 cc/min. For other conditions or details, please contact ABB.

*03 The maximum flow rate differs depending on paint viscosity or built-in paint tube

*04 These are general values and do not necessarily guarantee quality. 

*05 The sensor is optional   

*06 A reader of the RFID tags is optional


Paint solution and paint type, RB1000i

 Exteria x x x
 Interior x x x
 Bumper x x x
 Part x x x
General industry
 Large x x x
 Small x x x
Paint type
 Primer paint x x x
 Base paint x x x
 Clear paint x x x
  1 K x x
  2 K x x
  1 K x x
  2 K x x

* Applicable to non-electrostatic type only

Valve configurations



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