Waterborne paint


Atomizers for Waterborne paint

ABB's atomizers are applicable to both Waterborne and Solvenborne paints. Waterborne paint is earth-conscious paint, which contributes to reduction of VOC emission. By using ABB's waterborne type atomizers with own pattern control technology, it becomes possible to reduce paint waste substantially.

ABB Ability Connected Atomizer RB1000i

ROBOBEL951 series

Compact and lightweight with pattern control function
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Pattern control function to reduce paint consumption
  • Painting robots use
  • Air heater required Special color (single colors) cartridge
  • to reduce paint and flushing solvent loss during color change Flushable cartridge
  • to reduce installation space Tank
  • 300cc / 500cc
 TypeApplicable processHigh voltage (kV)Weight (kg)
 ROBOBEL951-CBSAutomotive exterior, interior and bumpers-90300cc : 11.5
500cc : 13.0


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