Compact CBS II

ABB’s next generation robotic Cartridge Bell Paint System

Product description and solution
A mainstay of the automotive industry for exterior car body painting and the application of base coats, ABB first introduced its robotics Cartridge Bell Paint System in 1998.

Made from cast and machined aluminum, the company’s latest innovation, the Compact CBS II, is the only fully-integrated robotic solution for internal charge water-borne painting. The lighter, faster and more efficient design is more closely integrated with the system’s components and reduces color exchange time by as much as 50 percent when compared with other solutions.

Customer benefits
The global standard for internal charge water-borne applications, the Compact CBS II is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

ABB has upgraded its Cartridge Bell Paint system to include servo motors that run train circuit for precise angular positioning and process control. The Compact CBS II also has been outfitted with two DCUs for precession filling and dosing of paint material from the paint cartridge. These new drives are designed to easily integrate into existing installations while eliminating the need for flow meter.

Product features and benefits
  • DCL (Delivery control liquid) volume accurately measured during filling cycle. Inclusion of two delivery control units (DCUs) eliminates the need for a flow meter for more accurate filling and less paint loss
  • Designed to fill the actual cartridge with controlled speeds and pressures to prevent unwanted effects on the waterborne material
  • Once filled, the cartridge exchange is done in less than 10 sec
  • Made from cast and machined aluminium and protected with stainless steel sheet metal for cleanability
Sales and Service support
  • Optimized ABB CBS process solution; cleaning, filling and dozing
  • New drive solution, new control electronics, improved overall motion control
  • Simplify installation and commissioning
  • Optimized for IRB 5500 robot with RB1000-WSC atomizer

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