Fluid Regulator

Precision Pressure Control

ABB’s Pressure Control Valve (PCV) is specifically designed for precise and consistent fluid regulation and fast color change.

Flexible Use
The PCV can for example be used for closed loop fluid control together with a gear flow meter, and as a prepressure regulator in a gear pump system. The PCV reduces the pressure in the fluid line to the requested and pneumatically controlled outlet pressure.

Fast Color Change
The PCV is specifically designed for fast color change. The internal bores in the PCV are without “deadends” and membranes are made of TeflonTM, reducing the cleaning cycle to a minimum.

Easy Installation
The PCV is equipped with suitable mounting equipment according to your needs, designed to give optimum access for maintenance.
Easy Maintenance
Exchange the complete unit when maintenance is required. MTTR < 10 minutes.

Double Safety
ABB’s PCV consist of two diaphragms. Between these diaphragms there is a port used for leakage control. If the 'fluid-diaphragm' is defect, the leakage will be observed in the hose connected to this port, before the 'air-diaphragm' may break - causing fluid to contaminate the air system.

The PCV is all stainless steel construction, with TeflonTM membranes, suitable for all water borne and solvent based materials on the market.

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