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Technical data for Gear Pump



Pump type

Gear pump


Cleaning of shaft, gear and in front of shaft packing. Built in bypass for faster cleaning.

Pressure sensors

On fluid inlet and outlet.

Pump models

1.2 CCM/ 3CCM / 6CCM

All models are available both in flushable and non-flushable versions. Pump design allows change of pump models without other system modifications. 

Paint types

Models prepared for Waterborne and Solvent based paint. 


Pump speed

Maximum 150 rpm with paint



Max. fluid flow

Max. pump speed x CCM/REV

Min. fluid flow

Min. fluid flow dependent of fluid viscosity, system pressure, needed accuracy on coated object and pump wear. Actual min. flow should be verified with actual fluid material.


± 2%

Max. fluid pressure

20 bar. The pump is designed for accurate dosing of fluid. Fluid input pressure should approximately equal fluid output pressure, but most accurate dosing with a little higher inlet– than outlet-pressure at max fluid flow. Fluid input pressure should be kept as low as possible at any time in order to avoid excessive wears.

Rec. operating fluid pressure 

0 to 9 bar

Max. torque on pump shaft

12 Nm

Rec. air pilot pressure

5-10 bar

Max. allowable fluid temp.

60 °C


7 - 10 sec

Solvent consumption

80 - 120 ml

Purging speed

Maximum 40 rpm with cleaning agent


Integrated pressure sensors

Two pressure sensors are assembled in the block to measure the pump input- and output pressure. In the seat for the pressure sensors there is a 0.2 mm thick Teflon diaphragm. The Teflon diaphragm is located directly in front of the sensors’ pressure surface. Thus the pressure sensors will not get in contact with the paint, soiling is prevented and a better purge ability is ensured.

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