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Well integrated cable and hose packages on the robot

ABB offers two major levels of dress pack solutions for Spot Welding, as there is a big span between the need of flexibility by different users

The different DressPack solutions have a number of features in common - compact solution, common parts, easy to maintain and possible to simulate. The module based design with upper arm and lower arm systems has proven successful and user friendly.
Compact solution
Compact production stations with a risk of interference with other robots or production equipment require a compact solution. This has been possible to achieve as the DressPacks have been designed and tested together with the different mechanical arms.

Flexible design
Different applications have different process demands. The DressPack is of modular design to minimize the number of unique parts. With this as a base, the number of common parts has been maximized for SpotWelding material handling or combinations.

Predictable movement
The compact solution gives good possibilities to work with offline CAD simulation. CAD models of all DressPack variants are available as downloads fr om ABB’s website. However, it is important to observe that external DressPack movements are difficult to predict.

Factory installed
The DressPack is assembled, mounted and tested on the relevant robot before delivery. Connection kits can be supplied to match the different interfaces with the DressPack.

Easy DressPack replacements
The strong need for the highest possible uptime in the production system is supported by easy replacement and minimized adjustment of the individual robot cable package.

Easy to maintain and repair
To make it easy to own a DressPack over the lifetime a
number of features have been built in:
  • Easy adjustments of DressPack with no special tools
  • Individual parts can be replaced
  • High degree of modularity gives fewer spar e parts
  • Standard spare part support

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