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The FlexGun completed the ABB Spot Welding Robot

The FlexGun is a linear spot welding gun. It has a modular design consisting of one standard gun body with various X and J/C gun arm types.

ABB now offers a complete welding solution. All hardware, software and electrical modules required for a spot welding function package are now included. The complete offering includes the welding gun, Dresspack, water and air unit, welding timer, software and all interconnecting cables.
This complete package simplifies the engineering and allows the user to buy a complete welding machine.

  • High Performance
    The FlexGun is a servo controlled spot welding gun. It is integrated into the ABB robot as a 7th axis offering improved welding quality and cycle time performance.
    The FlexGun is also robust and able to produce high forces at the electrode tips for welding of high strength steels.
  • Complete Protection
    Stainless steel covers on the FlexGun protect the internal mechanics of the gun from weld splatter and removes the need for expensive welding gun bags.
  • Easier installation
    The FlexGun has been designed to suit the ABB welding robots. This includes the interface plugs and connections to the standard ABB Dresspack. Thus commissioning time is substantially reduced. The FlexGun come with the motor tuned and the Equalization parameters already prepared. The FlexGun becomes a Plug-&-play product.
  • Maintenance and Spare parts
    By using the FlexGun, a customer is able to standardize the welding gun body used in their facility. This makes it possible to keep a single range of spare parts for the complete library of different guns, and results in a saving on spare parts for the customer.
    The gun body is standardized and thus ABB offer a complete maintenance and operational manual for the product. This is normally not possible with customized once-off gun designs. This improves the maintainability of the product.
  • Options
    The FlexGun comes with the option of either MFDC or AC welding transformer, as well as a suite of standardized attachments for mounting the gun body on the robot.

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