Water and Air Unit

The water and Air unit is optimized for robotized spot welding. It’s available for the robots IRB 6620, IRB 6650S, IRB 6700 and IRB 7600, IRB 8700 (different adaptor plates only)

Two variants
The application equipment Water and Air unit has two variants:
  • Basic variant with one water return
  • Variant with second water return, prepared for customer options Robot foot as well as fence mounting
This water and air unit solution is based on ABB’s long experience of robot applications. It comprises pressure switch, cables, valves, hoses, routing, connectors and interface points.

When ordering a robot with the Water and Air unit, the unit is assembled, mounted and tested before delivery, which simplifies installation and commissioning. Choosing an ABB Water and Air unit brings a lot of advantages in terms of features and performance. Furthermore, ABB’s global presence makes it a safe choice due to local service support and training availabilities.

IRB 6700 SpotPack Spot Weld Function Package
The Water and Air unit is one of the components in the IRB 6700 SpotPack Spot Weld Function Package. Please find more information about this package in a separate data sheet.
  • Prepared for servo driven guns of MFDC type of guns
  • Short installation time – the Water and air unit is assembled, mounted on the robot and tested before delivery
  • Air pressure switch as standard
  • Can be mounted on robot or on fence/wall
  • Module design, easy to repair

Basic functions
  • Water in circuit
  • Water return circuit
  • Air supply circuit
  • Pressure switch as standard

  • Second water return
  • Split box cables

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