The FlexPLP - IRPLP 050 is a range of programmable linear axes which can be combined together to create small one, two or three linear robots. The FlexPLP typically carry tooling and are used to adjust tooling position to accommodate different parts held by the same jig

The axes can work in synchronized motion and combined together to create a complete programmable tooling system.

Key Benefits
  • Compact 3 axis programmable unit
  • Modulary 1 to 3 axis
  • Protected by design against sparks
  • Integrated cabling & piping for actuator
  • High repeatability & stiffness
  • Either driven by ABB IRC5 robot controller or PLC
  • Robot like programming using user-friendly interface
  • IP54
  • Patented technology
  • Flexible tooling
  • Material handling & positioning

Base package
  • Documentation

  • SMB box
  • Robot Cables 5, 10, 15 m
  • Modular 1 to 3 axis

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