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ABB Depalletizing System

A flexible depalletizing solution for fast handling of greater variety and peak demand.

The ABB depalletizing system is a fully automated solution which protects people from repetitive heavy lifting. Cartons are decanted by an ABB robot with ABB 3D vision and placed into trays and totes or directly onto a conveyor.

The ABB depalletizing system can handle a large variety of cartons. Pallets can be brought to the system manually by operators, or automatically by pallet elevators, conveyors or AGVs.

  • Improved process efficiency
    The ABB depalletizing system decants 500-600 cartons per hour, enabling reliable performance throughout daily operation and peak periods. The compact footprint makes efficient use of limited warehouse space.
  • Modular design
    The ABB depalletizing system is modular, making it easy to integrate into existing processes, and scalable to accommodate future growth.
  • A better working environment
    The ABB depalletizing system makes the inbound process safer and more ergonomic, by handling cartons up to 30kg, on pallets over 2 meters tall.
  • Customized to your needs
    The ABB depalletizing system is fully customizable and can be configured with different robot variants, SKU ranges and pallet requirements.
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