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Wafer and Solar Cell Handling

The sorting and loading of wafers and solar cells depends on rapid and sure handling of components to help achieve an efficient and productive manufacturing process.

ABB robots can be customized easily and without extensive development work to meet the needs of a wide range of wafer and solar cell handling tasks. Even subsequent changes typically only involve re-programming. The optional integration of image processing systems provides efficient identification of objects and their position.

Furthermore, the compact IRB 360 requires minimal working space (Ø1130 mm and 250 mm h) for smooth and efficient loading/unloading and handling processes.
With acceleration up to 10 g and a pick and place performance of more than 150 cycles/min, (cycle time 0,4 sec.), the IRB 360 is the world’s fastest robot.

Main Applications
  • loading and unloading of several production systems for solar cells
  • sorting of wafers and cells in different quality categories
  • handling of wafers in test systems

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