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Polishing, Sanding & Finishing

Robotic finishing solutions for Wood Industries

Improved automated sanding, polishing and finishing of wooden parts is now possible with software that enables a robot to sense their environment and the workpiece. The technology wood industry manufacturers with flexible technology that can quickly and accurately adapt to varying surfaces and consistency of materials

Finishing or assembly operations often require a sense of "feel," such as assembling a wooden window frame, polishing the edges of a wooden table top or routing designs in wooden panels.

If you've ruled out robots for these reasons, it may be time to take another look at them. ABB has now developed two technologies that improve robots' tolerance of the variability found in real-world assembly and finishing operations. One of these technologies gives robots a sense of "feel" by adding force control capabilities. The other uses machine vision systems to let robots "see" and adapt to variation in part dimensions and locations.

Taken together, force control and vision not only raise the technical capabilities of robots but also improve the economics of using them in both wooden furnitire & construction materials industries.
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