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Standard features

Motion technology
QuickMove 2nd generation A unique self-optimizing motion control feature that keeps cycle times to a minimum by ensuring maximum acceleration at every moment. ABB robots cycle times are up to 25% shorter than competitors.
TrueMove 2nd generation TrueMove ensures that the motion path followed by the robot is the same as the programmed path regardless of the robot speed.
Additional axes Up to 36 axes can be run from the control system. The robot main axes can be coordinated with external mechanical structures such as work-piece positioners and track-motion devices or gantries.
Electronically linked motors Create robot control master/slave motor configurations to replace mechanical driving shafts in gantries or positioners.
Motion Process modes Optimize robot behavior based on specific needs, i.e. optimize the performance of the robot for a specific application.
Motion Error Handler Maintain RAPID execution when motion errors such as collision and singularities occur
Programming technology
Error handling Exceptional robot behaviour is ensured through customized error handlers which can be set up to take a certain action depending on error type.
Communications technology
Robot web services Programming interface based on HTML5 to communicate with robot from from any device, regardless of operating system.
Socket messaging Allows for the exchange TCP/IP messages over a network for machine-to-machine communication.
Service technology
Remote Service enabled A robot in need of maintenance will, through wireless technology, alert ABB so we can offer quick support.
Service Information System Predicts robot service needs. It includes operating time, calendar time and advanced algorithms for calculation of gearbox services.
General technology
User-authorization system (UAS) The data, functionality, and commands of a controller are protected by the UAS, which defines the access rights for the individual users of the robot controller.
Power failure support If the power supply is cut off during operation, the robot restarts at the exact same position and system status as before the power failure.
Installation Manager Installing RobotWare and adding new options has never been as hassle free and easy.
Improved jogging response Manual robot movement, also known as jogging, is more responsive.
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