Roller Hemming Tools

ABB has been a the forefront of innovation and has developed an advanced roller hemming tool typically used for closures of a body shop

The roller hemming principle offers considerable benefits to the customer such as lower investment cost and maintenance cost that alternative hemming solutions.

ABB patented roller hemming technology has advantages over other hemming tools. The robust design has the ability to control the hemming pressure along entire flange length and is less sensitive to flange angle and flange length variations. This results is consistently high quality outcomes.

The ABB hemming tool is capable of hemming doors, hoods, deck-lids, tail gates, fender or sun roofs. It is also unique is that it is capable of wheel-house hemming.
A library of roller tips and careful designed tool shape allows better reach and easier programming. The hemming path can be programmed offline in Robot Studio. This reduces the on-site programming and trial-out time during commissioning.

The roller hemming head comes in both a push and push-pull variant. Included in the offer is a roller hemming dresspack specifically suited to hemming.

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