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Press Refurbishment and Motion

ABB offers a complete products and services portfolio for press refurbishment to improve productivity of presses and stay competitive at the actual market.

Worldwide range of services to update existing equipment or manufacture new components to improve productivity, reliability and maintainability is included in our scope.

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Mechanical & Electrical Press Refurbishment

As times goes by, the components of industrial presses might suffer some deterioration due to the daily work. ABB offers a complete Mechanical and Electrical Press Refurbishment to improve the press productivity and stay competitive at the actual market.

Designing, manufacturing and commissioning of every required components is our standard scope.

  • Drive Chain
  • Slide & Overload System
  • Clutch & Brake
  • Progressive lubrication
  • Electrical upgrade



Production Improvements Products

ABB knows that speed is a key factor in productivity. For that reason, a team of experienced professionals have developed a set of products to help our customers stay competitive.

The Products range goes from press servo-technology to automatic devices oriented to reduce the time for the die changeover.


  • Moving Bolsters
  • Swivel units
  • Track trolleys



Press Audits

The main target of ABB when performing press audits is to avoid future problems that could affect the quality of the produced parts. This goal is achieved by measuring and quantifying the effects over the vital components to diagnose the causes and predict the remaining life.

After the analysis is done, detailed tailor-made reports are presented to the customer.

Summarized action lists and proposals to overcome a non compliance situation are foreseen within the scope of ABB expertize.


  • Geometry testing
  • Overload and clutch & brake systems response
  • Safety devices performance
  • Hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and lubrication circuits reviewed



Soundproof and Dustproof

Noise can present a direct risk for progressive and irreversible degradation of auditory faculties. Considering that, ABB provides soundproofing for areas where harmful noise exposure is detected.

We have a team of experts equipped with the latest technology in sound verification to provide the best custom-made solution to improve working conditions.


Also dustproof fences are available as a first enclosure solution for a press line.



Line Relocations

ABB Press lines relocations do not consist just on moving the equipment from point A to point B.

If there is a need to perform any special refurbishment or productivity improvement, it can be done by ABB experts during the relocation.


ABB with its highly qualified employees could be a single-source provider for the relocation and retrofitting of everything from individual machines right through to entire production lines.



Machine Analysis

ABB engineering capabilities are well known within the business; our team press knowledge is supported by the latest technology resources to go beyond just average performance.

Nowadays, computer simulations are becoming more and more important, to the point that they might be the key element to achieve the optimum development of the product. A wide range of technical studies are carried out to ensure the suitability of the product.

ABB owns a 3D inspection system recently acquired that allows the scanning of parts for reverse engineering as well as performing quality controls & metrology.


  • Structural studies
  • Dynamic studies
  • Gearing calculus
  • Resistance calculus



Press 4.0

ABB is developing a multipurpose field sensor kit to be attached to the press and register vibrations, stresses, temperatures, oil quality, energy demand and THD behavior.


Two possible scopes:
  • Local
  • Remote: i.e ABB Ability cloud

Offered services:
  • Analytics + machine learning
  • Press performance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Press energy savings
  • Press energy savings


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